Uncomplicate- The 15-minute Mantra to Become an Expert on Social Selling

Social Selling

You have a product that is suited to go out into the market and meet customer requirements. Every little step along the way can be in place and yet, if you aren’t making the right kind of noise and packaging what you provide well, you will find yourself struggling to establish a strong market presence. 

Take it fifteen minutes at a time, and hold yourself accountable to practicing those three activities within that time period. When you break it down, it becomes pretty straightforward. Three activities in fifteen minutes would require you to dedicate only five minutes per activity. “And when you can get that going as a group, the impact is huge!”

1. Grow you network 

Spend five minutes everyday connecting to your prospects and relevant industry people. Reach out to your existing network as well. Always stay connected and spend time on nurturing and growing every connection. 

2. Create and share content 

While this may seem basic, it may be a difficult task to achieve everyday and follow through with. Make sure you always stay on top of the content creation game, and remember that sharing the content is as important as creating it. The best content your team creates may go unheard if you don’t share it while it’s hot! 

3. Engage with content

And finally, engage with relevant content that’s out there. Read, connect, and always stay engaged. When you practice this for five minutes everyday, it ensures that your sales teams, individual employees, and your business (as a brand name) is out there consistently. The reach of this can be really far and wide, and is hugely beneficial for establishing your brand in the industry. 

Not only are these methods effective, they are also scalable. Spend those valuable fifteen minutes everyday and follow these three simple methods, and you will definitely up your social selling game.

Source: Freshworks

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