This Ahmedabad based Bus Operator’s Productivity Increased by 80% using Tally.ERP 9

Shrinath Travel Agency or STA is one of the countries leading bus operators. Ever since STA deployed Tally ERP 9, they’ve been practically working with zero working capital, with better control over expenses, and their monitoring across our branches.

Established in 1975, Ahmedabad based Shrinath Travel Agency aims to provide enhanced bus services and serve all its passengers with dedication. The Company’s vision was to be the best among all the bus service providers. They ply the largest fleet of air-conditioned deluxe and super-deluxe buses and have earned a good reputation as a result of their great services and comfortable buses.

They travel agency operates primarily in Gujarat, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. It group has emerged as the highest tax payer in Rajasthan and has been rated as the second largest travel agency in India among daily service operators.

With a fleet of more than 100 modern, comfortable coaches, it covers most cities in India from Hardwar in the North to Pune in the West, transporting more than 9000 people every day. The company has also extended its reach to various states and has 20 branches.

Business Challenge
Every month STA is required to finalize its accounts and pay its suppliers. With the manual accounting system, this tedious procedure took 10-12 days and more than 25 people were deployed only for this work. Adding to the woes, as the payments received were in cash most of the time, the funds were left under-utilized due to delays in getting the reports.

The other challenge was the security level. The company wanted to finalize its accounts at the end of every week. This was not feasible with their current set up which took them an extra 7 days. A management prerequisite meant that sensitive reports could be viewed only by authorized personnel only. The authorization to change/ modify any report was required to be confined to the Head Office.

The Solution
STA came into the Tallyfold four years ago and today uses 28 Single User and 2 Multi User licences including a recent purchase of 5 more licences.
The company approached Ahmedabad based Academy for Computer Solutions with its challenges with specific requirements like synchronisation. The company delivered a solution which is being effectively used.

The Benefits

Today, STA can attribute a lot of his success to Tally.ERP 9. STA could not only complete compilation work within 5 days, it could achieve this with only 5 people. The implementation of Tally and its unique synchronization feature has helped the company to be aware of every single penny that comes in and goes out of the company. The company owner, Bhavesh Kabra happily relates, “As a result, we are proud to say that we have been practically working with zero working capital. Tally software has also given us better control over our expenses; we are easily able to monitor the expenses across our branches-something that was not possible before. The best part is that Tally helps us achieve all this and much more with a very fast and sturdy interface, leaving us with minimal worries”.

Some of the other features worth mentioning which are being successfully used by the company include cheque printing, Bill-wise detail, Invoice, TDS and Service Tax.

Source: Tally Solutions

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