The Growing Business Of Custom Products

Business Growing

Custom products, or personalized products, have been around in the industry for quite some time already. Thanks to the advancements in modern technology, the process of customizing different products are now made more convenient and effortless. Hence, more and more merchants offer personalized products, which are unique and in accordance with the preferences of their customers.

Even brand name companies have ventured into customization, wherein the consumers are now part of the product conceptualization. This is made more effortless because information can easily be disseminated through various platforms and media.

How to personalize your products


The simplest form of customization is offering a personalized package. It can be through a gift wrapping service or an eco-friendly gift bag. While it may seem that it is not much of a product customization, it personalizing your customer experience

Temporary personalization

Stickers and labels are great materials that you can use for a temporary product customization. You can offer these together with your mass produced goods and your customers can put these on the product themselves. It is a great marketing strategy to be able to offer personalized products that your customers can update or change after some time.

Permanent personalization

Some forms of permanent personalization are through screen printing, embroidery, or engraving. Even offering products in custom colors are one form of permanent customization. It may be more difficult for you to mass produce your goods with permanent personalization, but customers are more inclined to wait for a certain period for customized products.

The best product to customize

Ultimately, any product or item can be personalized according to the preferences of the customers. Those with flat surfaces such as mugs, water bottles, and key holders are great candidates for customization. However, the best product to customize is clothing, cotton statement shirts in particular, because of its durability. Since cotton shirts never go out of style in any season, these are considered a staple in the fashion industry. With the custom shirt printing business, attracting a wide variety of audiences, it has gained quite a significant demand. Hence, various shirt printing stores in different regions emerged. These stores can be visited by consumers physically or online.

T-shirt printing process

Screen printing

This shirt printing method can only print black images into a shirt, which is why it is necessary to edit a colored image through another software before the image transfer and printing process. There are several factors to consider in screen printing to yield a high-quality output. For instance, low-quality printers tend to produce an unrecognizable image on the shirt, while some transparency sheets shrink because of the heat induced when it goes through the printer.


There are several ways to personalize T-shirt prints, but embroidery generate the highest-quality prints. Together with screen printing, this type of T-shirt printing process is used by most suppliers in the custom shirt business.

Production customization has been around in the retail industry for a long time, with no signs of stopping any time soon. Rather, the business involving personalized products continues to grow, in parallel to the modernization in technology. Custom products, especially in the clothing industry, still prove to be a profitable business.

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