Enhancing workplace productivity by saving time and resources to complete different tasks is a constant and never-ending endeavor for most businesses. It requires a combination of smart thinking and solutions with new technology. Technology therefore is not only an enabler for workplace productivity, but an essential component in today’s digital age.

The difficult part is choosing the right technologies to help you with your work. It has to seamlessly fit into your work environment and help your employees not only work faster, but also more securely and reliably.

Attend this webinar to understand how new developments in technology can save precious time, help you speed up your work and improve overall productivity.


Venugopal Dastaru

Product Manager, BPC

HP Inc.


15:00-15:10 Introduction & Welcome
15:10-15:40 Secrets to Enhancing your Business Productivity by Venugopal Dastaru, Product Manager, BPC, HP Inc.
15:40-15:55 QnA
15:55-16:00 Vote of Thanks


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