Nasik Industries Have High Potential; Trade Body Demands Govt Brings IT Industry

Nasik Industries

B Swaminathan

Nasik: Lack of proper investments from the technology sector has put Nasik behind other key markets despite being on par with other emerging cities. According to the local industries association NIMA (Nasik industries and manufacturers association), the government should try increasing the investments in the technology sector which will enhance the overall economy of the city.

Nasik, one of the key manufacturing centers in Maharastra has varied resources and the eco-system suitable for large industrial and corporate needs. Some of the key industries here include automobile, auto-ancillaries, engineering and some pharma industries companies. However, according to the industries there, despite having huge potential due to its vicinity to Mumbai and skilled manpower, this region has always been ignored.

Other than some key names like Samsonite, Mylan no large investments had come to the region. However, this region has equal potential to a region like Tamil Nadu, NCR or Pune. However, due to decentralization, many industries which were established earlier have shifted their base outside Nasik. The manufacturing sector which was the key revenue-generator of the region has shifted from here in the past. Also to be noted is the availability of skilled resources in the region through various educational institutions from where quality students come out every year.

Need for IT Industry

Harishankar Banerjee, president of the NIMA says that IT industries investments are vital for the growth of the economy of any city. “It is not that Hyderabad was not developed earlier. However, the entire face of the city had changed only after investments in technology has come. The IT industry demands will be in different forms unlike manufacturing or engineering. The bureauocracy in the government should think of providing land at affordable rates and try increase investments in the city.”, he said. Further to that, he also said that the land cost here for industries is relatively higher compared to the ROI. According to him, having announced as a smart city is not making the city look smart, but enhancing the quality of life. “Nasik is of equal distance from Mumbai like Pune. However, see the way Pune has been developed in the last 20 years. Nasik doesn’t even have a proper Airport. The first expectation for a company to have investment in the city is the connectivity from various places which is not happening in this city”

IT-Savviness of Companies

According to Harishankar, most SME companies in Nasik are aware of the latest technology trends and are planning to maximize the use of IoT in their organizations. “In my view, most of our members are gearing up for industry 4.0 and recently NIMA has created an innovation center in their association premises which will be used only for the skill development, knowledge sharing and enhancement of technology skills for their members”, he said. The association is also conducting seminars and sessions for their members in the aspects of finance, technology, banking and so on. They also conduct regular buyer-seller meets including some events that will help the members enhance themselves for selling in defense sector.

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