GST has really changed the way any business functions, ever since it was introduced by the govt. of India in July, 2017. Every business today must know how to remain GST compliant in order to ensure smooth financial operations and avoid legal hurdles. While GST has reduced the burden of filing many other types of taxes separately, it has also created a lot of intricacies. For instance, most business owners and finance managers find it extremely complex to file their GST Annual Returns, short for GSTR 9.

There are a lot of intricacies involved in filing GSTR 9, whether it’s the applicability, liability related issues, input tax credit related issues, reconciliations, or other aspects.

Join this webinar to listen to and interact with an award-winning Chartered Accountant and leading expert on GST explain the intricacies involved in filing annual GST returns, along with some possible resolutions.


CA. Annapurna Srikanth


Key Highlights




Liability related issues &
possible resolutions


Input Tax Credit related issues &
possible resolutions


Reconciliations & related
mismatch handling


15:00-15:10 Introduction & Welcome by CMR
15:10-15:40 Intricacies in GST Annual Returns & Possible Resolutions by CA. Annapurna Srikanth
15:40-15:55 QnA Moderated by CMR Analyst
15:55-16:00 Vote of Thanks


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