How Decathlon Achieved 82% Customer Satisfaction Rating

Customer Satisfaction

France headquartered Decathlon is the world’s largest sports goods retailer. Decathlon opened its first store in India in 2009 to achieve their objective of making sports accessible to many. Today, there are more than 53 Decathlon stores in India offering sports products for beginners, intermediate and semi-professional sports enthusiasts.

The Challenge
Decathlon India’s user experience team was dependent on their email system to manage their customer and user requests/tickets. The company is driven by the ideology of being a user-centric company. However, high reliance on email system posed challenges in delivering customer happiness and maintaining good customer relations. Besides facing the risk of customer dissatisfaction, the lack of an integrated CRM software posed the following key challenges for the company:

  1. Difficulty in monitoring and following up on a request, whether closed, open, or pending. There was no tool to adequately measure agent productivity. Therefore Decathlon had to withhold its plan to link performance-based incentives or bonuses to be distributed to staff based on user feedback and team performance.
  2. An inefficient system to measure customer feedback. Agents’ performance evaluation without an organized reporting mechanism.
  3. Analyze and understand customer (sports enthusiast) behavior.

The Solution
With the company expanding and increasing its store presence in India, it was crucial for Decathlon to focus on customer satisfaction. This they did by incorporating a structured customer response system.
Vijoy Nair, Head of User Happiness at Decathlon, India chose Freshdesk as their ticket management and CRM system for:
1. Its shared ideology with Freshworks as being a customer centric organization.
2. Delivering a cost effective yet highly customizable solution to improve customer happiness.
3. Integrating multiple ticketing channels such as emails, calls, website chat and social media.

The Benefits
The solution was provided among various alternatives which Decathlon India trial led. Freshdesk proved to be a cost effective solution that was not only user friendly but adaptive and customizable to the requirements of Decathlon as well. Freshdesk was integrated with Decathlon’s internal CRM system thereby seamlessly using out-of-the-box capabilities such as chat, email, phone, and social media (primarily Facebook) channels. With Freshdesk’s software, Decathlon is now able to measure and improve its user happiness quotient. Freshdesk has made it possible for Decathlon to reply to every query and resolve every complaint with continuous follow up combined with the least possibility of missing any event.

Freshdesk’s reporting features have given the agents a chance to monitor their daily or weekly performance. Decathlon management now has access to performance measurement data and identify performance based incentives based on user happiness delivered by an agent.

With the Notes feature, agents are able to keep track of pending items and follow up with customers as quickly as possible.By integrating the chat feature, agents at Decathlon are now able to respond to customer queries very quickly. Following it up with customer satisfaction surveys has helped improve the performance of the team as well. In a very interesting use case, Freshdesk has helped Decathlon to integrate the offline experience of customers as well by capturing their feedback when users visit the store.

The customer is asked to rate their experience by selecting the appropriate emoji on a touchscreen device near the billing counter. If the customer is unsatisfied, it is recorded as a ticket and shared with the User Happiness team for further action. This is running as a pilot in 15-20 stores of Decathlon in northern and eastern parts of India.Further on to this use case, Freshdesk and Decathlon are working together to build a single view system which will integrate the online & offline experiences of a user. Decathlon aims to enhance the customer relationship management process by providing better insights into customer requirements, thereby enabling agents address the customer needs more efficiently and ultimately improving the user happiness quotient.“It’s very simple and very easy to understand. Moreover, It’s extraordinarily easy to follow up on issues or on tickets if you have Freshdesk.” User Happiness Lead Decathlon Successes Decathlon has been using Freshdesk for over four years now and today they are ateam of 45 customer support reps using Freshdesk. The company has thus contributed to the vision of Decathlon to make sports accessible to all.

Post implementation of Freshdesk, first call response time has reduced to just over an hour. This, combined with the personal touch which an integrated CRM,and chat in particular, provides has increased the user satisfaction at Decathlon. Though average ticket volume has increased by 1700% in a span of four years, Decathlon’s User Happiness team has maintained resolution SLA at over 90%. The integration of chat has played a major role in getting immediate and positive responses improving CSAT from 50% to over 80%.Based on the mutual vision of user happiness which Freshdesk shares with Decathlon, Vijoy Nair highly recommends Freshdesk to companies who are looking for an easy-to-use, cost effective, and integrated solution for ticket management and more effective customer relationship management.

Source: FreshWorks

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