Security will continue to be a key concerns for IT Decision Makers in 2019. You’ve all
heard the statistics that these types of attacks cost companies billions each year. In today’s
environment, it’s not a matter of IF you’ll be attacked, but WHEN you will be attacked.

Come join us for a webinar where we will cover what are the major Security threats / trends
we’re going to see in 2019, as below, which can spell havoc for modern businesses like
yours and how your PC decision will help you be better prepared.



Girish Suri

Category Lead Business Notebooks

HP Inc. India

Key Highlights:


Firmware Attacks

Destructive Attacks

Rapid Evolution of Malware


15:00-15:10 Introduction & Welcome by CMR
15:10-15:40 Every PC is a Security Decision by Girish Suri, HP Inc. India
15:40-15:55 QnA Moderated by CMR Analyst
15:55-16:00 Vote of Thanks

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