Address Internal and External Security Risks with Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions

Internal and External Security Risks

Organizations define a hierarchy of employees considering their seniority, job role, years of experience, performance levels, etc. Based on the hierarchy, IT managers assign the employees with the level of access to the business-critical information. These privileged accounts should be protected at higher priority as the access to these accounts is the key to the organizational data kingdom.

Privileged accounts have the special permissions to access and control critical servers, databases and networks. These accounts when compromised pose a serious security problem for an organization. Anyone who has access to one of these has the potential to use those administrative privileges to harm your organization in a number of ways, such as altering data, deleting or downloading databases, or creating unauthorized new administrative accounts.

Markets and Markets, a research firm, expect the PAM market to grow at a 33% compound rate for next few years, reaching $3.8 billion in 2021

Privileged Access Management (PAM) role in an Organization

To ensure that the privileged accounts are not compromised, Privileged Access (PAM) is the answer. To overcome related data security risks and isolate access, organizations need PAM that can restrict access within a network of services. PAM provides the power to protect the organizational data and IT systems, enforcing secured access to privileged accounts.  With PAM, IT teams can set the parameters in such a way that an employee/user can only access the data required for their work and restricting access to other systems and information. PAM empowers organizations to reduce the threat of organizational security risks & data breaches.

PAM is a single-management security solution to many cyber security needs and protects critical systems of an organization. PAM solutions enable IT managers to manage and monitor the activities of privileged effectively. It also limits access to the data by giving secure controlled staff access to privileged accounts. It acts as a highly-secure solution for storing and accessing credentials with top-notch security.

PAM implementation protects mission-critical assets by safeguarding privileged user activity as well as nonhuman users, in which a breach could have a catastrophic operational impact.

A strong PAM framework helps prevent, detect and mitigate such abuse of privileged access and works in concert with other security and identity and access management (IAM) systems. Organizations having the best PAM solution implementation as their top security priority can deliver higher overall ROI and other related benefits over/for a long period of time.

Companies gain the following benefits with PAM implementation:

Streamlined Access: It enables effective management and control to the organizational network, by creating strong access protocols. It elevates the security level and allows the entire network management with a single platform

Monitor Activity in Real-Time: It allows the IT managers to decide and grant access to data and systems when and where it is needed. It also removes the access quickly when there is suspicious activity detection, rising the control of control systems

Create Audit Logs: It allows creating an audit activity log while you monitor the privileged accounts. It helps in reviewing how and when users accessed the systems and take necessary steps on bypassing the account permission guidelines

Stay ahead of the game: A mission-focused approach towards PAM implementation is worth of investment, helping organizations to become more secure and complaint. It helps in easy and faster user adoption of a powerful security culture.

Source: CIOL

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