In today’s creative economy, creative professionals, working on the cutting edge of art and design, need tools that enable them to scale their imagination, ideas and craft to a whole new level.  Today’s creative professionals are not confined to an office, or a client site. They are always on the go, working in an always-on work environment. They seek tools capable of handling heavy workloads, whether it be video editing or 3D rendering, from any location. They seek solutions that are mobile and bring tailored hardware and software solutions that enable the specific creative workflows. 

Thankfully, the convergence of new digital technologies and tools is enabling creators to express themselves and enable new experiences for consumers in a personalized and swift way. 

In this webinar, learn about the new tools that make it possible to express yourself effectively. 


Senthil Raj

Technical Consultant Workstations

HP Inc. India

Key Highlights:​


Discover how to handle customer expectations


Find out what customers expect in support


Learn how to keep your customers satisfied


15:00-15:10 Introduction & Welcome
15:10-15:40 Be UnStoppable by Accelerating Design Concepts
15:40-15:55 QnA
15:55-16:00 Vote of Thanks