3 Govt. Schemes to Support MSMEs on their Marketing and Promotion

MSME Marketing Schemes

The govt. of India provides financial aid to the MSME sector to help them promote their products and services, both at a domestic as well as international level. Here’s a list of 3 key schemes to aid this sector in their marketing and promotion efforts:

I. International Cooperation Schemes

What’s Supported:

This scheme covers MSME requests to visit or hold/organize international exhibitions/trade fairs, conferences/summits/workshops, and buyer/seller meets, etc. for exploring new areas of technology infusion/upgradation, joint ventures, improving market of MSMEs products, etc.

It also covers holding such events in India by Industry Associations/Government organizations or sending a delegation of the ministry of MSME to International Exhibition/Fairs/Conference.

The scheme also covers holding/organizing mega international exhibitions or fairs and international conferences/seminars/workshops, joint committee meetings/joint working group meetings/govt, to govt bilateral meetings with outer countries in India by Ministry of MSME or organizations under it.

What’s Covered:

IC Scheme provides financial assistance on reimbursement basis for airfare, space rent, freight charges, advertisement & publicity charges and entry/registration fee on reimbursement basis in case of participation in international exhibitions/trade fairs.

Government Institutions and Registered Industry Associations associated with promotion and development of MSME sector.

II. Marketing Assistance Scheme

This scheme provides assistance in organizing exhibitions abroad and participation in international exhibitions/ trade fairs; Co-sponsoring exhibitions organized by other organizations/industry associations/ agencies; Organizing buyer-seller meets, intensive campaigns and marketing promotion activities.

Max Budgetary Support:

a. Upto Rs. 30 Lakh per event for participation in international exhibitions/trade fairs (Rs. 40 lakh for Latin American countries).

b. Upto Rs. 45 Lakhs for domestic exhibitions/trade fairs in expenses like space rental, construction and fabricating charges, theme pavilion, ads, printing material, transportation, etc.

c. Upto Rs. 15 Lakh for participation in exhibitions/trade fairs.

The above financial assistance ranges from 25% to 95% of the Air-Fare and space rent to entrepreneurs based on size and type of enterprise. It’s limited to 40% of net expenditure or upto Rs. 5 Lakh for co-sponsoring an event.


MSMEs, Industry Associations and other organizations related to MSME sector.

How to Apply:

  • Submit applications/proposals to the Branch Manager of the nearest office of the National Small Industries Corporation, with full details and justification in support of the application.

III. Procuring and Marketing Support Scheme

Activities covered:
• To encourage Micro and Small Enterprises to develop domestic markets and promotion of new market access initiatives.
• To facilitate market linkages for effective implementation of Public Procurement Policy for MSEs Order of 2012.
• To educate MSMEs on various facets of business development.
• To create an overall awareness about trade fairs, latest market technique and other such related topics etc.

Who’s Eligible to Apply:

Individual Manufacturing/Service MSEs can apply. Eligible MSEs may submit their application online or system in place.

More information about these schemes are available on https://msme.gov.in/4-marketing-promotion-schemes

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